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Hi, I'm Cindy 

I am an author, soulful speaker, human-centric leader, creative consultant, podcast host and wellness advocate.

Most of my life’s work has been dedicated to teaching, mentoring, leadership and helping people thrive in higher education and the private sector. I have also empowered artists through creative project management and developing books that showcase their essence and voice. 


My life's purpose is to help leaders and organizations be more soulful and human-centric in their leadership in order to purposely create greater levels of personal and professional authentic impactful presence (PreZence) and empowerment. 

The Time is Now!

There is an urgency and a demand for more soul centered and human-centric programming and leadership in organizations.  The “Great Resignation” we witnessed at the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic is proof of that.  


That is why many people, over the last couple of years have personally felt:


  • A sense of  unfulfillment and disempowerment at the workplace or with their personal values system.

  •  That they lack purpose and are not growing in a direction that supports their potential. 

  • Are ready for change and to be empowered and a more authentic and impactful presence personally and professionally. 

To feel more personal empowerment and fulfillment we must, as William Shakespeare said, "to thine own self be true." It is time to get in touch with our own essence to create more empowerment, PreZence, clarity and purpose so that we can our transform personal and professional lives. 

I am here to help as a workshop facilitator, speaker, and consultant. 

Michael Chukes, CA

“Cindy gives from her heart to better everyone’s soul...each and every time I have called on her for help and guidance on projects, she has always been there to support and the results have always been amazingly positive."

Before the talk n the Green Room, full of excitement. 

"The Power of Recognizing Potential" Clip-Full talk to be released by TED soon.

Available Summer 2024

TEDx San Luis Obispo Presentation Overview

Talk Given April 2024 

The Power of Recognizing Potential: The Triad of Recognition // How often do you see potential in others? And how often do you recognize potential in yourself? The determining factors are explained by the triad of recognition; and this talk provided tools you can start using this technique today!

Companion book will be available Summer 2024.

For more information visit:

Featured In |        ​   KSEE24/ 

Screen Shot 2024-01-31 at 3.16_edited.jpg
At “Benjamin Boone and Faylita Hicks: Nobody Promised You Tomorrow Concert and Poetry Reading.”
Boone, Grammy Winner and
Faylita Hicks, Grammy Nominee
Screen Shot 2023-05-22 at 1.21_edited.jpg

Honoring two term U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera at "Magnifying the People's Voice, A Laureate's Journey Across America."

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