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PreZence, a podcast on Soulful and Human Centric Leadership, PreZence and Social Impact is a call to action and an invitation to embrace the things that make us human.


Who is this for?

  • Growth minded individuals who want to be more of an authentic and impactful presence in their professional and personal lives. 

  • Anyone who feels stuck or unfulfilled with their workplace or personal values system and is ready to create congruence. 

  •  People interested in consciousness, leadership, and spirit as cornerstones for personal and professional growth, ‘being human,’ and helping others. 

 Listen Here:

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1. My VALUES: We have become disconnected and out of alignment from who we are in terms of our values’ relationship to our humanity, spirit, and ways in which we show up in life–personally and professionally.  That is why Conscious Leadership, Self-Determination, Empowerment, Compassion, and being of Service are my core values.

2. EXPERIENCE: Having personally experienced the discontent that arises when we are not moving towards our full potential and understanding how that impacts leadership, morale, and organizational culture.

3. The NEED: There is an urgency and a demand for more human-centric programming, impactful presence and leadership in organizations. The “Great Resignation” we witnessed at the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic is proof of that. 

PreZence Podcast Evolved Out of Three Things


Past Guests Include:

  • Johnny Shallop, Mortgage Lender, Leader and Real Estate Specialist, Ontario

  • Dr. Victoria Bradshaw, Sport Psychology Lecturer, CMPC, CSU San Luis Obispo

  • Henry Adelman, Assistant Strength Coach for Football, Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach for Wrestling, CSU San Luis Obispo

  • CB Smith-Dahl, Director, Filmmaker, Writer and Camerawoman

  • Dr. Peter Robertson, Director of Alumni Connections, Fresno State. 

  • Phung Huynh, Professor and  Artist, CSU, Los Angeles

  • Eyal Raviv, Peacemaker, Founder of MePeace, Israel

  • Michael Chukes, African American Artist, Los Angeles

  • Holley V. Willis, Chief Editor & Developer, ILABI Global, New Orleans

  • Alenjandro Biguria, Architect, Entrepreneur, Technologist, Urbanist & Educator, Guatemala

  • Dr. Sean Young, Professor of Emergency Medicine, School of Medicine (Primary) and Informatics, Information and Computer Sciences (Secondary), UC Irvine

  • Dr. Saul Jimenez Sandavol, President of Fresno State

  • Dr. Markel Quarles, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs & Student Services, CSU Bakersfield

  • Erin Schalk, Writer, Educator, Artist, Los Angeles

  • Dr. Lynette Zelezny, President, CSU Bakersfield

  • Geoff Browne, Global Filmmaker and Storyteller

  • Nancy Youdelman, Feminist Artist, Fresno

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