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Image of Book Life Beyond the Disease

Life Beyond the Disease: A Story of Love, Spirit and Wholeness


“This book helps you assess your life & your relationships–empowers you to do better & feel better!  It’s a must read if you are open to learning to love yourself better and make better life choices.” 

                ~H.V.Willis, Chief Editor & Developer, ILABI Global

A decade and a half ago, my life and health had spiraled out of control. When this happened, I felt alone, misunderstood, powerless and more.


That is when I decided to take control of my life and health by changing what needed to change and finding ways to thrive. That was when I became passionate about holistic wellness.


When I changed, life changed. 


My goal in writing the book was to empower and help anyone experiencing a life challenge or a serious disease with my story and share how I have learned to be more than a disease and life challenges. 


In Life Beyond the Disease, I share my story and provide tools for self-empowerment and self-love, so that you can enjoy holistic wellness, a more fulfilling life, and yes, improved health. 


May this book bring love and healing to your life and inspire you to share your story, gifts and leadership with the world–whether it be through your own book, a project, or something else uniquely you. 


                                                                             Much love,

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Who is the book for? 

  • Anyone who is facing a challenge or living with a disease. 

  • Anyone interested in holistic wellness and improved health.

  • Anyone who is ready for change. 

  • Anyone interested in more fulfilling relationships. 

  • Anyone who is ready to LOVE themselves more and learn practical tools on how to do so. 

  • Anyone interested in a story of falling down and getting up. 


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New Book

Title: The Power of Recognizing Potential: The Triad of Recognition

How often do you see potential in others?

And how often do you recognize potential in yourself?


The determining factors are explained by the triad of recognition.

This book will teach you how to use this technique.

 Summer 2024.

Many of you have asked about my previous publications

on the arts and material cultural.

While I did write or edit those works, I do not own distribution rights

If you would like to purchase those items, please email us and

we will direct you to the publisher. 

Thank you.

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