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About Me.


I am an author, soulful speaker, facilitator, and creative consultant for people and organizations interested in being more human-centric in their leadership and developing a more authentic, impactful presence. 

My joy comes from creativity and the fulfillment I feel when I help people grow and reach for their potential. That is why most of my life’s work has been in higher education.  It is also why I created the PreZence podcast, and am committed to helping your organization or you step into more human-centric leadership and your authentic soulful presence. 


My call to be more human-centric stems from my genuine care and interest in people, creating a better world, and my drive to find new ways to learn and grow. Yet, like many people, I have experienced stagnancy and discontent in the workplace and personal life.

I never realized the magnitude of the discontentment I once experienced until I resigned from my former place of employment.   


That was when I understood that while I had a great career, part of my dissatisfaction in the workplace came from knowing that I was not purposely growing in a direction that supported my full potential as a human and a leader, and that I had hit a vertical ceiling. 

I had already known this intellectually, but had not allowed myself to feel this emotionally and spiritually.  Once I acknowledged this on all levels of my being-ness, I experienced an internal shift as I understood the needs of my spirit and soul—personally and professionally.  I also understood how critical it is for organizations to be human-centric in their values and leadership. 


At this point I was able to get in touch with my inner self and choose a new path that consciously aligned my values and needs with those of my spirit, or my soul. 


During this process I wondered,


  • How many more people at some point in their lives have felt frustrated professionally and personally because their needs were or are not being met? 

  • Feel disconnected and out of alignment?

  • Know what is wrong intellectually, but need to also acknowledge it in their heart, with their spirit?


The answer is a lot more than we think!

Research data from yearly Pew Reports, Gallup, ClearCo., and more points to not only employee discontent, but the reasons for it. A repetitive reason is lack of opportunity for growth. I see this as not just a lack of career opportunity, but lack of opportunity to fulfill our soul growth needs, which are often expressed in career growth. 


Cindy meditating, connecting to spirit and getting clear on career and life
Cindy sharing her mission and vision


To create a human-centric leadership movement by helping people and organizations be more soulful and human-centric in their leadership, and purposely create greater levels of authentic impactful presence (PreZence). 

Through the PreZence podcast, speaking engagements and workshop facilitation, I help people further their consciousness leadership and deepen human connections for a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

My Mission

My vision for humanity is one where there are greater levels of internal alignment and a human-centric ethos so that we can lead from spirit and a conscious awareness of our shared humanity so that we create more personal and social impact, as well as a better world.

My Vision

Official Bio

Dr. Cindy Urrutia is a thought leader and visionary, with a background in organizational leadership and higher education.  She is the author and editor of over 9 books, a speaker, and workshop facilitator.  She holds several Train-the-Trainer certifications, has also curated over 20 art, culture and multimedia exhibitions, and has presented and led multiple panel discussions at events such as the American Alliance of Museums Annual Meeting and the Center for Leadership Equity and Research (CLEAR) Annual Conference.


Most recently, Dr. Urrutia served as the Director of the Center for Creativity and the Arts at California State University, Fresno (Fresno State) where she transformed and revitalized the center by creating a new organizational infrastructure, mission, and vision. This has led to programming being written about in leading publications such as the Smithsonian Online Magazine and faculty from Fresno State receiving a letter of recognition from former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy for programming and community outreach Dr. Urrutia promoted and spearheaded.


As a leader and educator, Cindy is dedicated to helping people thrive, as well as, helping them to develop and grow professionally and personally.  She has done this as a leadership practice through mentoring and volunteer work.


Cindy is also a strong advocate for human dignity, self-improvement, animal welfare, kindness, and compassion.  She can usually be found walking with her dogs, hiking, reading a book, meditating, attending art events, and spending time with her loved ones.  

Ph.D. University of California, Irvine

M.A. California State University, Los Angeles

B.A. Double Major, Boston University. 

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